The counsellor can provide support, new perspectives and guidance in thinking about creative solutions to problems


The process involves getting to know each other in order to feel comfortable discussing the private issues of the client .


Counselling is a process that focuses on enhancing the individuals self-awareness and well-being, assisting people in realising their full potential.



The counsellor and client play an equal role within the counselling process. There is no expert in the counselling relationship

Counselling is the therapeutic relationship established between a qualified counsellor and their client. At times throughout one’s life, family members and significant others are unable to provide an objective viewpoint. The Counsellor provides this objective perspective, thereby enabling the client to acquire awareness and to develop strategies to manage their particular situation more effectively.

Counselling generally involves one-on-one interaction.
Promoting mental health & wellbeing

The counsellor and client sit with one another in a safe and supportive environment to discuss the issues presented by the client