Promoting mental health & wellbeing
Kate Marshall Grad Dip Counselling
My career as a professional carer began soon after I left secondary school when I studied to become a Registered Nurse. I worked in a variety of fields and eventually specialised in Oncology, a field I loved because of the deep connections established between the staff and clients during such intensely confronting life experiences.

I then moved to the UK where I remained for eight years. This enabled me to travel extensively. I found this was a time of intense personal reflection. Learning firsthand about other cultures and experiencing being part of a minority was an invaluable and enlightening experience for me personally.

My own life changed significantly with the birth of my first child. My daughter was born with an intellectual disability and serious medical complications. At this time, I experienced significant challenges on a very personal level.

My career has ventured through different fields, although always in a caring role. I have since worked in the field of depression and anxiety management, complicated pregnancy support, disability support, aged dementia care, adolescent education and art therapy.

My passion for helping to enhance the well-being of individuals at varying life stages remains fervent. I regard it as a privilege to be able to offer my hand in support to those in our community who are experiencing the challenges of daily life, for those whom are wise enough to acknowledge that there are some times when you have to reach out for help and for those whom are brave enough to take that step.